Hot Press

QC-674A Hot Press

The Programmable Hot Press is designed for forming plastic or rubber materials into plates by applying stable pressure and heat. It is used for preparing research samples, products, specimens, and more. The touch screen interface is simple to use and operate. This machine supports an 8-stage setting under different pressure and compression duration, ensuring an even specimen molding and reducing bubbles.
The equipment incorporates a water cooling system to shorten the cooling time and improve molding efficiency. The display shows a double curve graph of pressure and temperature, providing better control over force, time, and temperature changes during the molding processes. Additionally, the machine supports manual mode for versatile applications.

Hot Press


Pressure10, 20, 30, 50 ton (5-100% of the max. capacity is the suggested test range)
TemperatureRoom temperature~ 300℃
(400°C or over is optional.)
Heating Time18 mins from 50→150℃
Cooling MethodA. Standard: water cooling, takes within 5 minutes to cool down from 150°C to 60°C.
B. Optional: independent water chiller, the average cooling speed is 15°C per minutes.
Size of Heating Plate30×30 cm (or designated)
Distance Between Heating Plate150 mm (Max.)
AccessoriesA set of mold for flat sheet size 250x250x2 mm.
Configurable SettingPre-press time, Pressurize Time
Configurable TemperatureForming Temperature, Open Mold Temperature, 8-stage Setting Module
Control Way7” Touch Screen / Two temperature control systems in per heating plate.
ProtectionFull Cover, Emergency Stop Button
DisplayInstant Pressure, Temperature, Diagram
Power300°C: 3 Phase / 220V / 50 or 60 Hz / 30A
400°C: 3 Phase / 220V / 50 or 60 Hz / 40A
Dimension101x74x157 cm (W x D x H)
Weight680 kg

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