Impact Specimen Notcher

QC-640A Impact Specimen Notcher

This tester is used to make a standard V notch on impact specimens. It ensures more stable and accurate results during specimen testing. The type of notch depends on different standards, and this machine allows for convenient and quick adjustment of the cutting depth. It can also be equipped with different cutting blades to meet various requirements. The cutting speed can be adjusted according to the specimen material to minimize the impact on the specimen during cutting.

Impact Specimen Notcher


Cutting Speed30-700 m/min (adjustable)
Speed Setting5-99 dial multi-segment setting, reference for speedometer
Specimen SizeThickness 3 ~ 13 mm
Height 10 ~ 13mm
Specimen Length
14 cm (max.)
Cutting Depth8.0±0.2mm(ISO)
Easy to switch specimen form with standard block
Cutter FormA : 45°, r=0.25 mm (standard)
B: 45°, r=1.0 mm
C: 45°, r=0.1 mm
AccessoryASTM block, ISO block
Dial Gage × 2 (to test specimen thickness and cutting depth)
Open-end Wrench
Hex Wrench
Hook Wrench
PowerSingle phase 100~240 VAC
Dimension48 x 37 x 35 cm

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