Specimen Punch

QC-603C Specimen Punch

The Air-Hydraulic model is an improved version of the Pneumatic Specimen Punching Machine. The main enhancement is the use of an air-hydraulic conversion system, increasing the overall output and enabling cutting of hard materials. This pneumatic tester incorporates a safety switch design for user’s safety. In addition to soft materials, it can also be applied to textiles, plastic rigid and thick materials, etc. 
This device not only performs specimen cutting but also serve as press-bonding equipment.

Optional accessories



MaterialRigid plastic (Shore A above 90 degree), fabric
Compression Platen SizeUpper platen 350x160 mm, Lower platen 380x280 mm
Stroke125 mm
Output force3000 kg
Power supplyPneumatic (excluding compressor) 3 ~ 6 kg/cm²
AccessoryCutting board
Optional1. Except A and B type cutters as below, we also provide other precise cutter as options.
2. Safety valve delay function for improving machine operation safety.
Feature1. easy to operate, power-saving, time-saving
2. Dual switches to increase safety factor
Dimension40x38x107 cm
Weight80 kg

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